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“WOW! After not being able to place weight on my right knee- I walked out after 1 treatment of ART and could walk. Not only did I walk normal, but I ran 10 miles 3 days later with great success.” “I know I will finish my goal of completing my first ½ marathon. Thanks again for giving me an opportunity and the hope that I will finish my goal! Dr. Dawn is a true healer.”

~ Cathy Brizes, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
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“I must share with you that my pain was affecting every single thing in my life for six months solid. It was constant and I was so frustrated and in pain all the time that there were moments of feared that this would be the way I would have to live for the rest of my life.”

“I went and began treatments (A.R.T.) with Dr. Dawn and from the end of the first treatment I felt a difference, and within a month I was a new individual… pain free!”

“Thank You Dr. Dawn- you have made a difference in my life.”

~ Cara Giadominico, Encinitas, CA
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“One day, she (Dr. Dawn Liu) brought me out of a migraine in full swing in a matter of minutes using a combination of A.R.T. and chiropractic adjustments. Another day I had an acupuncture treatment that allowed me the deep rest that I so needed.”

“I am in the process of full recovery with her and I am so excited!”

“I have a respect and reverence for Dr. Dawn Liu. Please allow yourself the privilege of joining with Dr. Dawn for true healing.”

~ Alejandra Cisneros, Del Mar, CA
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“I have pain and stiffness in left shoulder and arm that affects my sleep for two years.

I felt immense relief after the first visit with Dr. Dawn Liu. With treatment for two weeks, my neck and shoulder have improved so much that my sleep becomes much better and I wake up with much more energy.

I had always been skeptical of chiropractic treatment. However, Dr. Liu has made a huge difference by improving my symptoms & thus quality of life. Something traditional medicine could not do.”

~ Christine Nottingham, Solana Beach, CA
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“I was leaving for a 10 day trip to Brazil and hurt my back. It would have ruined my trip if it weren’t for Dr. Liu’s treatments.

Three days before I saw Dr. Liu I could barely move my hips and could only walk very gingerly. It’s only been 3 treatments and I feel well enough to walk around Brazil and do all the normal tourist activities. I love Dr. Liu and I would recommend her to others.”

~ Sherri Sanders, Escondido, CA
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“I have been suffering from Migraine for 1 ½ years, and I have tried almost every Western remedy with no lasting improvement. With the treatment from Dr. Dawn Liu, I have improved so considerably that my headaches have now been almost eliminated within a month! I highly recommend Dr. Dawn Liu to anyone who needs help with their pain.”

~ Sandy Williams, San Diego, CA
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“I have a combination of pain (like a bruised pain), burning (like a deep wound), and electric buzzing and itching sensation on my outer thigh for the past year and a half.

I am on Neurontin to help with the pain, and I have basically avoided walking all together.

The first treatment with Dr. Liu actually intensified the pain and the sourness. But on the third treatment I could stand up for a longer period, and walk with less pain and irritation. I am still taking my pills, but I am very hopeful to be well soon.”

~ T. Yalpani, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
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“I was suffering from an acute neck and shoulder pain before I was referred to Dr. Dawn Liu by a colleage. I was in extreme pain for 5 days prior to treatment.

I felt 100% better after the first visit! The first treatment completely stopped the shoulder pain and reduced the neck pain to a mild discomfort, and all the while it increased my range of flexibility.

Within a few visits, the range of motion of my neck became even better than before I hurt it! My neck now feels better than it has felt in probably a year.”

~ Chuck Morningstar, Valley Center, CA

“I have been suffering from low back & sciatica leg pain for over 4 years. After the first treatment by Dr. Dawn Liu, I could feel the bottom of my foot for the first time in 4 years, ever since my low back surgery.

Dr. Liu got to the problem on the first treatment and her follow up treatments have given me hope for the first time in 4 years.”

~ Bill Holloway, Carlsbad, CA

“I have been suffering from lower back, neck and shoulder injuries for over 10 years.

Dr. Dawn has been amazing at diagnosing the adhesions from my old injuries that have limited my ability to move to a greater level of health.

I have gained more freedom of movement in my hips and lower back than I’ve had in years. It’s improved my yoga practice, my strength training and my every day function in life!”

~ Diane Roberts, Solana Beach, CA

“I have had a low back pain for a month, which was then further aggravated hauling luggage. I could hardly walk straight. I have tried a traditional doctor but except for reducing pain temporarily, it did not help any further.Within one day of my first treatment by Dr. Dawn Liu since the aggravation, I have improved vastly!!I would highly recommend others to be treated by Dr. Liu’s clinic.”

~ M. Matthew, San Diego, CA

“I have been suffering from chronic knee pain for 1 year, mostly caused by running. I have tried many other types of treatment before, but with no help. After only 3 visits with Dr. Dawn Liu, my knees no longer hurt! Dr. Dawn is excellent in the job she does. I am amazed at how fast it works.”

~ Kristen Yeargin, San Marcos, CA

“I have had lower back discomfort for a few months, much longer than I admitted until it became debilitating.

I have improved considerably even after one treatment with Dr. Dawn Liu, and I am almost completely healed after 1 month of care.

Dr. Liu not only has the strength of 10,000 men, but the kindness and listening heart of a true healer. She shows impressive mastery of understanding the human body. I am so grateful to have found her.”

~ Laura Wolfe, Del Mar, CA

“I have been suffering from low back pain for several years, and I have tried many other types of treatment, which only helped for a short period of time.I have improved greatly with Dr. Dawn Liu’s treatment from the very beginning, and my low back pain has subsided consistently within 3 weeks. Dr. Liu has helped me a lot. She is very intuitive and her approach is very reassuring.”

~ Andrea Peach, San Diego, CA

“Dr. Dawn made my recovery of my back ailment very quickly with her A.R.T. She is wonderful!”

~ Karen Surtes, Del Mar, CA

“Dr. Dawn,

I came to see you in January for a recurring pain in my left hamstring and calf that I believed was a sciatic nerve problem. Within two or three visits, the pain was gone and hasn’t returned.

The work that you then did over the course of about 4 weeks was to develop a better running posture and more efficient movements.

The results have been spectacular!! My training pace has dropped from 9:30 minutes/mile to 8:30 minutes/mile. I have just completed two half-marathons that are the FASTEST I have ever done ( I have been running halfs for 15+ years). My mile splits on the run leg of a sprint triathlon went from app. 8:30/mile to 7:20/mile. And I’m still getting faster!!

I can’t thank you enough for the time you spent with me. I will continue to recommend you for anyone seeking treatment.

Most sincerely,

~ Tony Zielinski, San Diego, CA
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