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“I have been having pain in my knee from running for 3-4 weeks. I am a novice runner training for a ½ marathon in a month.

After my treatment with Dr. Dawn Liu, I felt 110%! In fact, I was in on Thursday after no running or training for a week, and I ran a 10 mile on that Sunday. Pain free, and had some of my best running.

It was a miracle what Dr. Dawn has accomplished in just one session.

This is my first knee injury. I have tried regular manipulation by chiropractors for back and shoulder ailments; never feeling significantly better. I can’t wait to start my back treatment for a 10-year-old injury.

WOW! After not being able to place weight on my right knee- I walked out after 1 treatment of ART and could walk. Not only did I walk normal, but I ran 10 miles 3 days later with great success. I know I will finish my goal of completing my first ½ marathon. Thanks again for giving me an opportunity and the hope that I will finish my goal! Dr. Dawn is a true healer.”

~ Cathy Brizes, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
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“I am a 33 year old woman who has always been athletic. Until about 6 months ago, I never had any chronic pain in my neck or back. I somehow injured myself and began experiencing serious pain. I tried everything. My neck and upper back was suddenly my worst enemy. I began running with a group of women about a month ago and I was referred to Dr. Dawn. I was very skeptical because, in my mind, everything I had tried nothing had worked.

Dr. Dawn explained the A.R.T. practice to me. Now I must share with you that my pain was affecting every single thing in my life for 6 months solid. I t was constant and I was so frustrated and in pain all the time that there were moments of fear that this would be the way I would have to live for the rest of my life. I went and began the A.R.T. treatments with Dr. Dawn. From the end of the first treatment I felt a difference. Within a month I was a new individual. I am pain free.

I am so excited to say that I am 100% satisfied with the A.R.T. therapy. Dr. Dawn is someone with whom I would entrust anyone to. Her practice to me was so authentic that I have already referred her to many of my friends and family who live with pain. The A.R.T. therapy has seriously saved me. Thank you Dr. Dawn. You have made such a difference in my life.”

~ Cara Giandomenico, Encinitas, CA
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“I was referred to Dr. Dawn by a friend and I have only glowing terms to describe Dr. Dawn Liu. First of all, I think she is a brilliant healer and diagnostician. Her intuition works in perfect concert with her rigorous training and her multi-disciplinary skills.

One day, at the onset of my treatment, she brought me out of a Migraine in full swing in a matter of minutes using a combination of A.R.T. and chiropractic adjustments. Another day I had an acupuncture treatment that allowed me the deep rest that I so needed. I am in the process of full recovery with her and I am so excited!

Dr. Dawn comes from a long line of physicians in China and you can really feel that some of this one of a kind gift she has been passed down from her ancestors. I have a respect and reverence for Dr. Dawn Liu. Please allow yourself the privilege of joining with Dr. Dawn for true healing. She is delightful.”

~ Alejandra Cisneros, Del Mar, CA
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“I have pain and stiffness in left shoulder and arm that affects my sleep for two years. I have taken muscle relaxant & anti-inflammatory medication prescribed by my physician. They helped the acute onset but the symptom returned and persisted.

I felt immense relief after the first visit with Dr. Dawn Liu. With treatment for two weeks, my neck and shoulder have improved so much that my sleep becomes much better and I wake up with much more energy.

I had always been skeptical of chiropractic treatments with my previous training as a nurse. However, Dr. Liu has made a huge difference by improving my symptoms. Something traditional medicine could not do.

I heard great reports about Dr. Liu and was willing to try her, and I am so glad I did. She has made an enormous difference to improving my symptoms & thus quality of life.”

~ Christine Nottingham, Solana Beach, CA
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“I had an acute low back pain for 3 days before I saw Dr. Dawn Liu. I was quite concerned since it was only a few days away from my planned vacation to Brazil, and I was not in shape to travel at all.

After 3 visits with Dr. Liu, I felt a million times better. I have a lot less pain and much more mobility.

I was leaving for a 10 day trip to Brazil and hurt my back. It would have ruined my trip if it weren’t for Dr. Liu’s treatments. Three days before I saw Dr. Liu I could barely move my hips and could only walk very gingerly.

It’s only been 6 days and I feel well enough to walk around Brazil and do all the normal tourist activities. I love Dr. Liu and I would recommend her to others.”

~ Sherri Sanders, Escondido, CA
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“I have been suffering from Migraine for 1 ½ years, and I have tried almost every Western remedy with no lasting improvement.

With the treatment from Dr. Dawn Liu, I have improved so considerably that my headaches have now been almost eliminated within a month!

Dr. Liu has a non-nonsense approach to diagnosing the problem and setting out a treatment plan that brings results. I highly recommend Dr. Dawn Liu to anyone who needs help with their pain. She is caring, talented and focused on total wellness. Although I was skeptical in trying a chiropractor, I am a believer now! Thank you for your skilled care, Dr. Liu.”

~ Sandy Williams, San Diego, CA
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T. Yalpani

“I have a combination of pain (like a bruised pain), burning (like a deep wound), and electric buzzing and itching sensation on my outer thigh for the past year and a half. It has limited my choice of clothing due to sensitivity of the skin. I have basically avoided walking all together.

My previous Dr. told me that no one can help me, and I am on Neurontin to help with the pain.

The first treatment with Dr. Liu actually intensified the pain and the sourness. But on the third treatment I could stand up for a longer period, and walk with less pain and irritation.

I also feel improved psychologically. I have hopes of getting well!

The treatments are not without pain. I almost quit! But, I am glad that I have continued. Over time, I felt the improvement in my various symptoms. I am still taking my pills. I am very hopeful to be well soon.”

~ – T. Yalpani, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
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Tony Zielinski

“Hi Dr. Dawn

I apologize for the lateness in sharing my progress with you. On the bright side, I get to tell you about more progress than I could have in February!!

I came to see you in January for a recurring pain in my left hamstring and calf that I believed was a sciatic nerve problem. After you assessed my mobility and range of motion, you assessed my running posture /gait and showed how the problem was related to weakness in other areas and inefficient movements as I run.

Within two or three visits, the pain was gone and hasn’t returned. What impressed me was that you did not tell me “stop running until the pain is gone”, which is what I had been told by my family doctor (who is also a runner). His advice was to take ibuprofen and stop running!!

The work that you then did over the course of about 4 weeks was to develop a better running posture and more efficient movements. You also encouraged me to take the “Chi Running Clinic”. The results have been spectacular!! My training pace has dropped from 9:30 minutes/mile to 8:30 minutes/mile. I have just completed two half-marathons that are the fastest I have ever done ( I have been running halfs for 15+ years). My mile splits on the run leg of a sprint triathlon went from app. 8:30/mile to 7:20/mile. And I’m still getting faster!!

I have shared this with several fellow runners and triathletes. Most of us have some type of chronic pain/injury. I have encouraged them to contact you for treatment. I can’t thank you enough for the time you spent with me. I will continue to recommend you for anyone seeking treatment.”

Most sincerely,

~ Tony Zielinski, San Diego, CA
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