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A Success Story on Anxiety and Panic Attacks

This patient Sue was a thirty five year old female college professor. What brought her to Jim’s clinic was frequent panic attacks.  The past two weeks Sue had been experiencing the worst panic attack in her life: daily attacks, which sent her to the Emergency room for a few times.

No causes were identified by her medical doctor, and anti-anxiety medication Xanas helped temporarily but made the panic attacks worse once it wore off.  Fatigue, heart palpitations and insomnia became routine part of her life because of it.

As an experienced practitioner of functional medicine, Jim immediately ordered blood tests to help diagnose the underlying cause for her symptoms.  Among the usual suspects for her problem, Jim immediately identified a problem.  Her fasting blood glucose (blood sugar) was 64. According to the normal range your medical doctors use: 65-99, her number is slightly low but still just at the boarderline, so really should not be a factor at all.

However, according to Functional Medicine blood test standard, this number of 64 is not just a low normal, but is rather definitely in the LOW range, low enough to be an underlying cause for many problems associated with poor blood sugar regulation!

Second, Sue’s Thyroid system was also in low function range, which could be another player in her fatigue.

Based on his findings and diagnosis, Jim immediately prescribed nutritional and herbal formulations, and recommended life style modification.

Under Jim’s expert management of Sue improved very rapidly – within two weeks her panic attacks and heart palpitation was completely gone!

At her re-test of blood chemistry at the 6th week, fasting blood glucose levels came up to 96, which was right in the optimal range! Her thyroid panel completely returned to normal, even though no supplements were prescribed for thyroid.

In this case, abnormal thyroid panel was a result of her poor blood sugar regulation and associated stress to the system.  Therefore fixing the source of the problem automatically led to resolution of the thyroid problem.

This is Functional Blood Chemistry in action – Everything is connected!  The panic attacks occurred when the blood sugar crashed.  This left the brain without adequate energy to produce the calming neurotransmitters we all need to stay comfortable. The supplements effectively helped her reestablish better control of her blood sugar between meals, and her modified lifestyle supported it.

Now Sue no longer experiences panic attacks, and she is able to sleep through the night, and reports better energy throughout her day.

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