How to Run and Walk Pain Free

How to Run and Walk Pain Free, with ART and refined Biomechanics


There are many injuries associated with running and walking, and the most common ones include: knee pain, ankle sprain, calf pain, Achillis tendon pain, heel pain (plantar fasciitis), hip pain and low back pain. To a lesser degree, neck pain and headaches are also associated with running.

Walking imposes fewer impact injuries due to the lower impact of each step, yet distance walkers also frequently encounter the common problems runners face.

RunningThere have been many training, teaching and coaching methods for runners and walkers, especially for distance runners, amateur or professionals. Many running techniques focus on mechanics of foot and ankle, which are the body parts that have received most of the attention in the world of injury prevention or correction for runners.

Consistent with the overemphasized foot and ankle approach to running injuries, runners also have the highest use of orthotics among athletes. There are also large amount of research dollars poured into designing the most mechanically sound shoes for injury prevention. The extensive, and often confusing selections of running shoes in shoes stores can attest to the attempt for shoes to correct the running biomechanical problems.

It is true that the majority of running injuries occur below the knee, however, the exact body part that suffers the injury is usually not the source of the problem, and a full body integrated approach is actually the key for almost all running injuries.

Another problem with many running techniques is over-emphasis of the end result of good running gait and posture without providing an appropriate pathway to guide the runners to naturally achieve it. As a result, many runners tend to attain a distorted goal that creates other problematic chain reactions.

For example, mid-foot striking has becoming an overused slogan for many runners, yet few achieve it naturally. Most of the trying effort turns into toe striking or striking with ball of the foot instead of true mid-foot strike, which ends up with more heel , ankle and calf problems – we have seen this over and over in our clinic.

While there are many running techniques to help out runners, very few of them take into account the full body, and very few emphasizes a biomechanical approach aiming at overall efficiency of the body in running. This results in a “band aid” approach when what is truly needed is a full evaluation for the source of the problem, and aim it for full recovery and improvement.

The legendary Kenyon runners are known for their amazing running capabilities that both look and feel as efficient and injury free as it can be, and there has been many study and research on them attempting to decipher their secrets.

Various techniques have attempted incorporating these research results. However, many of them fall short on integrating the full spectrum of the Kenyon runners’ techniques, while over-simplifying what perceived to be drastically different from conventional running forms.

In our clinic, we organize and teach Bio-mechanically sound and proven techniques and skills that not only significantly reduces injuries, but also jet propels your running performance and results. We use mechanical principles derived from Tai Chi and other field-tested martial arts, which are universal to all high-level sports performance, and adapt them specifically for running. The results are astonishing!

Tai ChiHowever, before you can efficiently adapt the new techniques, you need to make sure you don’t have restrictions in your body structures (a short and tight muscle, a weak joint, etc.). Because if you do, it will be harder to adapt the running techniques & principles appropriately without distorting your body or over-compensating with other body parts.

For example, a natural phenomenon of using efficient running techniques appropriately is a well executed hip extension during running that makes you look and feel like a galloping horse. But if you have tight hip flexors, it will be hard to achieve the natural hip extension, and as a consequence you are more like to execute over-extension of the low back (-back pain!), increased side-to-side sway of the hip (-hip pain), or you may just unable to extend your hip and end up overusing your calf for push off (-calf, ankle and heel problems).

We have helped many runners in our clinic to become pain-free better runners. Our unique strength is to use ART (Active Release Technique) to correct the muscle imbalances and restrictions you have that distorts your running mechanics and results in injury, then teach you and train you with appropriate biomechanical techniques step by step, tailored to your specific problematic areas based on biomechanical diagnosis. This well structured approach allows you to have much better running mechanics and efficiency, which makes you injury free with significant improvement of performance.

Remember the hip extension we mentioned above (the galloping horse)? It is best achieved INVOLUNTARILY & AUTOMATICALLY as a result of the full body adaptation to high efficiency running. If you try to approach it voluntarily and consciously, it usually throws off the rest of your body mechanics, and most often makes you over use the wrong muscles such as hamstrings, and result in other sets of injuries.

But with ART we can correct any restrictions you may have that prevent you from the hip extension that allows you to gallop. We then use our unique training methods that allow you body to naturally and unconsciously achieve it with AUTOMATION.

When you are fully recovered with improved performance, and if you are interested in furthering your path of continued performance breakthrough, we have different levels of training tools to best suit your athletic needs for years to come. Please call our office at (858) 481-1438 to get further information on how we can transform your running!

In conclusion, with ART we can correct any restrictions you may have that prevents you from achieving the best body mechanics possible for optimized running. When necessary, we also videotape you to ensure you also become tuned into the problems that need correction. We then use our unique training methods to take you step by step to naturally and automatically achieve the body mechanics that is best suited for your body and style. This full circle treatment will allow you to become a pain and injury free runner/walker to achieve your highest potential.

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