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Dear fellow runners,

Have you ever had any pain or injury from running?

Do you want to know whether your running style and technique is helping or hurting you?

Are you ever intrigued by how smoothly, beautifully, and efficiently elite runners run?

Have you ever wondered whether you can run that way?

Do you want to know how you can run with high efficiency and stay injury free?

Then here is your good news!—

Dr. Dawn Liu is a marathon runner and Bio-mechanical expert for movement analysis and improvement.

As founder of the “Total Recovery & Performance Breakthrough for Athletes” program, and an expert in fast injury recovery and pain free performance breakthrough, Dr. Dawn Liu is a high­ly sought after sports doctor proven success with athletes from all levels.

Dr. Dawn’s newsletters on running covers valuable tips for Bio-mechanically based running techniques! You will get updated on the forefront of current research on Bio-mechanics and how to use it to propel your running to a different level, while keeping you injury-free.

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A 7-part mini-course teaching the 7 principles of Running Mechanics that you can use to instantly jump start your running, FOR FREE, if you choose to sign up today.

In the ground breaking content of this mini-course, you will learn these leading edge techniques:

  1. Full body integration for running – how to use your bigger muscle groups to power your running;
  2. Body leaning powered by core activation – inadequate or excessive bodyleaning are equally undesirable for speed or injury prevention;
  3. Appropriate landing and foot placement to minimize impact force and to spring load your next step;
  4. Proper hip extension – the hidden power that makes you “gallop”, whether sprinting or jogging;
  5. Knees are the proper recipient of the power from your hip, not the feet – this saves your knee, calf, shin and plantar fascia problems!
  6. How to use the trunk of your body to power your run – even the sheer weight of this body part is an asset for your momentum!
  7. Active power generation when you integrate the true movement path of your limbs – how to tap into your mechanical power reserve which you do not think you have, especially going uphill?

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