Running, Walking, and other Sports

Practicing what we preach, all doctors in our clinic have very active lifestyles, and we all participate in different athletic events, both as participants and caregivers for those who benefit from our services.

Helping everyone to reach their peak physical potential, no matter how dormant it may be, is the true passion of all our doctors! We believe in your potentials, and love to support and help you in your pursuit for your health and fitness, and to enjoy all the fun life has to offer, whatever your age, history, or background.

With running and walking becoming more and more popular around us, we have, over the years, been successfully taking care of many runners and walkers. We not only fix any injuries that arise from training or racing, but we have also developed a reputation for helping the runners and walkers to significantly improve their techniques and mechanics, so not only their injuries will not return in the future, they also continuously improve their performance in their beloved sports.

If you want any help for the sports you are engaged in, with or without injuries, please feel free to give us a call at 858-481-1438, to get one on one attention from our experienced doctors, on how you are able to make breakthroughs that you may have never thought of before!