Low Back Pain

Low back pain is easily one of the most horribly debilitating forms of musculo skeletal pain the human body can endure.

Low Back pain for most people is misery pure and simple!

Standing too long hurts, sitting too long hurts, no position is comfortable and all of your daily activities virtually come to screeching halt the moment your low back pain flares up.

Low back pain has many causes ranging from over work to lack of use. No one is safe from the perils of low back pain and it’s only through a deep and thorough understanding of the primary causes of low back pain and expert training in the treatment of back pain that any relief can be found for most of us.

Studies show that over 60% of our population currently suffers from or has suffered from low back pain of some kind. Low Back pain can be acute or chronic in nature and can be caused by improper lifting, lack of activity or even simply sneezing too hard!

Acute low back pain is often brought on by sudden motion that damages the soft tissues and muscles of the back including the ligament, or intra-vertebral discs (slipped disc).

Chronic low back pain is usually a condition brought about by repetitive motion, cumulative stress and strain of the supportive muscles of the back.

Traditional treatment approaches to eliminating lower back pain include physical therapy, and conventional chiropractic involves physical modalities like heat or ice, ultrasound, electronic muscle stimulation, mechanical traction, trigger point therapy, stretching and exercises.

In spite of the impressive number of treatment options available, most approaches to treating low back pain often prove less than satisfying because the relief (when it’s finally obtained) is not usually permanent.

Each case of low back pain requires and skilled and expert diagnosis of the underlying biomechanical issues which caused the weakness that led to the onset of low back pain in the first place. Properly assessing the exact biomechanical causes of your particular form of low back pain allows for a faster, more effective and usually permanent relief from low back pain. Simply stated

Traditional Cookie Cutter Approaches to Treating Your Lower Back Pain Do Not Work!

In addition, contrary to popular beliefs, low back pain is not prevented by the strengthening of the big back muscles. More importantly it is the stability of the low back rather than the strength of the back that saves your back from abuse, yet training for stability is quite different from strength training. Without proper guidance in the appropriate exercises many exercises can be harmful instead of helpful to your back and only make things worse and that means more pain and absence from the joyful activities of life.

In order for you to gain the fastest most rapid relief from low back pain you must address the underlying structural cause of the pain to begin with.

At Action Chiropractic & Wellness Center, our unique specialized approach to treating the unique biomechanical causes for low back pain allows a much faster and far more effective course of treatment with many of our patients reporting complete relief and back to their day to day activities in very short period of time.

Our particular approach to treating low back pain means that future recurrences are highly unlikely and you will remain pain free as long as you continue to follow the healthy guidelines set forth by your doctor!

But wait, there’s more!

Did you also know that there are many important metabolic and hormonal factors that contribute to low back pain? Especially chronic forms of low back pain!

These causes of low back pain are often far outside the scope of traditional chiropractic or physical therapy methods to effectively deal with but at Action Chiropractic & Wellness, our expertise in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine gives us the ability to treat the causes of low back pain that most traditional methods cannot.

Our Acupuncture and Oriental Medical approach combined with expert nutritional counseling has helped hundred of low back pain sufferers to lead healthy happy and pain free lives!

The simple truth is that when your low back hurts nothing else is ever really good. Even the most basic activities like tying your shoe, going to the restroom, opening a window, hugging your children, etc all result in agonizing low back pain that only seems to get worse!

At Action Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we are absolutely committed to freeing you from the scourge of lower back pain and quickly returning you to your normal happy life, and pain free in no time.

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