Knee Pain

The knee joint is easily the most complicated single joint in the body.


The proper alignment and function of the knee is essential to our most fundamental activities of walking and running.

Most of us have experienced knee pain for at least once in life. The most common type of knee pain is often a simple nagging or aching sensation underneath the kneecap or around the knee joint itself.

Although knee pain can be due to traumatic injury or so-called “normal wear and tear” – contrary to popular belief, no wear and tear is normal – there are always one or more underlying biomechanical reasons – the root of the problem.

Fast and effective correction of the fault is the absolute key to a rapid, complete and pain free recovery.

Interestingly knee pain is equally common among individuals leading either sedentary or active lifestyles.
Knee pain can fall into two basic categories:

  • Primary knee pain; occurs when the knee pain is a result of direct injury to the knee or a dysfunction of the knee itself.
  • Secondary knee pain is knee pain caused by the bodies attempt to compensate for an injury or dysfunction somewhere else in the body, secondary knee pain can be a result of a problem in the calf, thigh, hip, ankle, foot, low back or even the shoulder!
    The intricate and complex structure of the knee itself makes it vulnerable to a wide range of problems and requires superior diagnostic skills and biomechanical expertise to correctly assess and treat knee problems properly so that you can naturally resume your normal activities as quickly as possible, free of pain and discomfort.
    Rapid technological development has allowed knee surgery to do wonders for many severe knee conditions but these advances have focused mainly in cases of structural damage to the knee itself but do little to address other forms of knee pain. Yet statistically, 90% of knee pain is not due to structural damage and are thus not surgical cases, yet can be just as crippling as those requiring surgery and place severe restrictions and limitations on the activities you enjoy.Simply stated, for most people when it comes to knee pain, if you are not candidate for surgery, your treatment options are very limited regardless how much pain or dysfunction you experience. This often leaves patients feeling somewhat hopeless and trapped by their pain, and many victims of knee pain often begin to lose hope of ever enjoying their favorite activities ever again.

This type of frustration is understandable because the traditional therapies for treating general knee pain involving heat, ice, ultrasound, muscle stimulation or exercise alone are slow, incomplete, and inefficient in prevention of future recurrence and only guarantee a long slow recovery at best because they can not and do not address the underlying causes of secondary knee pain.

At Action Chiropractic & Wellness Center, any knee complaint warrants a complete biomechanical evaluation of the entire body. This examination is aimed at identifying the unique cause of your specific type of knee problem because all knee pain is not the same and your particular type of knee pain can be very different from that of your neighbors, even though both of you may have similar symptoms.

Frequently the cause of knee pain lies somewhere other than where one feels the pain itself. This is because the knee is an all-important bridge between not only the leg and thigh, but also between the leg and the trunk of the body and even arms.

Therefore, any disturbance of the dynamic balance maintained by your knees can overload you with unremitting knee pain that is very hard to treat and give you that nagging discomfort which is not severe enough to require surgery, but agonizing enough to stop you from enjoying the activities you love and that bring pleasure and happiness to your life!

At Action Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we specialize in rapid, effective and systematic treatment of knee pain. We are uniquely qualified in the field of biomechanical diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all types of knee pain with treatment programs that are as ideal for the non-athlete as they are for the professional level athlete.

Our treatment methods focus on fast, effective and complete relief of your pain and suffering and we are committed to get you back to top condition and free of pain in minimum time.

Helping men and women like you to resume the life you enjoy is our primary mission and we look forward to helping you to a brand new pain free you!

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