Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis)

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Chronic heel pain or plantar fasciitis is easily one of the most common and often debilitating forms of foot pain one can experience. The agony of plantar fascitis is characterized by severe pain in one or both heels, which becomes immediately apparent upon arising from bed in the morning and is usually noticeable within the first few steps and often described as walking on knife blades.

This severe form of heel pain is usually caused by improper training or over-training in high-intensity activities such as running, walking or heavy aerobic exercises, however simply standing for long periods of time can also cause damage to the soft tissues within the heel causing them to begin to break down leading to severe heel pain that only worsens as time goes on. In addition, certain types of low grade or low intensity physical activities can also bring on bouts of plantar fascitis as well.

The agonizing heel pain one experiences as a result of plantar fasciitis is a result of extensive stretching of the plantar fascia at the heel which helps to stabilize and cushion the foot and heel during the impact of the foot with the ground.

This over-stretching results in tiny tears and other trauma to the soft tissues within the heel creating inflammation and the formation of scar tissue within the heel itself.

Left untreated, these deposits of scar tissue can develop into calcium deposits eventually resulting in even more painful bone spurs in the heel that only become worse over time.

Symptom Relief vs. Being Truly Pain Free!

Common Treatments for plantar fascitis include foot insoles, wearing heel cups, abstinence from activities, casting (a procedure designed to limit the range of motion of the ankle) and sometimes even surgery where parts of the bone spur caused by plantar fascitis are chipped off. These treatments all focus on relieving the symptom but do nothing to address the actual cause of the problem in the first place which means patients undergoing these forms of therapy often experience recurrences of the pain.

What Is The Key To Being Pain Free For Life?

The key to becoming truly pain and symptom free is to address the root cause of the problem in the first place which all comes down to a really long and complicated sounding word called — Bio-mechanics.

Simply stated biomechanics is the way we use our bodies to perform physical activities and the study of the most natural and efficient way for our bodies to do physical activities.

Improper body mechanics is the root cause of most types of musculo-skeletal pain within the human body.

Any form of treatment that does not address bio-mechanics is usually less than effective in dealing with chronic pain or creating long term freedom from suffering.

The Difference That Makes a Difference!

At Action Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we are not only experts in the fields of bio-mechanics which allows us to rapidly and effectively treat the root causes of acute and chronic heel pain, it also allows us to see your particular problem from a more well rounded, educated and enlightened perspective.

The specialists at Action Chiropractic & Wellnessare established and recognized leaders in the field of:

  • sports medicine
  • soft-tissue therapies
  • chiropractic
  • acupuncture and
  • oriental medicine.

This powerful blend of outstanding healing disciplines gives us a full spectrum approach to the treatment of your condition. Utilizing this particular combination of healing methods means we can address your pain on many levels at the same time to provide you with a safe, rapid and highly effective treatment plan that will quickly have you back enjoying your life in the shortest time possible.

Our goal is to have you back in maximum action in minimum time! That’s our commitment to you!

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