Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) has quickly become a growing epidemic in today’s working environment.

More and more hours of typing and slouching at a less than ergonomically sound work station has become many people’s daily life. As a result, carpal tunnel syndrome has quickly become one of the new favorite diagnoses of all doctors.

By definition, carpal tunnel syndrome means compression of median nerve at the palmar wrist area by a ligament called flexor retinaculum.

Due to the compact design of our forearms to facilitate maximum dexterity, the total number of tendons and nerves passing through this narrow tunnel amounts to 9! It does not take a genius or Nobel Prize winning Doctor of Anatomy and Physiology to appreciate how many factors can change the pressure on those nerves within this limited space thus causing compression of the precious median nerve, the nerve which controls the huge range of intricate motor functions of our thumbs.

The most common yet incomplete explanation of carpal tunnel syndrome is that repetitive typing motion causes micro-strain and scarring of the flexor retinatuculum, resulting in a narrowing of the space and thus causing compression of the median nerve.

The resulting symptoms include:

  • pain at the wrist
  • numbness of palm
  • weakness of the thumb
  • atrophy of the thumb muscles at the thenar area
    (the muscular area of the hand below the thumb itself) in severe cases.

At Action Chiropractic & Wellness Center, a previous diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome, regardless from your medical doctor or your own researched knowledge, does not automatically result in any standard protocols of treatment. Based on our years of successful experience in treating carpal tunnel syndrome, there are at least 5 major sites, from neck to wrist, where the median nerve can be compressed resulting in or contributing to the symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome.

This little known but all-important fact clearly explains why most standard methods for treating carpal tunnel syndrome have such a high failure rate, Because there is no such thing as a “standard” case of carpel tunnel syndrome — everyone is different.

That is why every patient who comes to Action Chiropractic & Wellness Center seeking relief from their pain has to be carefully examined to determine exactly which site or combination of sites the compression occur(s). After an expert diagnosis the successful treatment rapidly and automatically brings soothing relief of the intense pain of CTS, restoring full function in a very short time.

In addition, the five different sites of compression generally indicate different postural problems, which contribute to the disease. Therefore as a patient you are also given special postural exercises that are very specific to the unique cause of your symptoms, this helps to prevent any future occurrences and thus keeping you pain free for life.

But wait, there is more.

You see CTS is not just a musculo-skeletal problem.

In fact most people don’t even realize that their bodies very own metabolism and blood circulation play a significant role in the development of CTS.

We have developed an even more powerful approach to treating the pain and suffering of CTS that includes the use of Chinese Medical Technologies.

We incorporate Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine along with functional nutrition counseling that has consistently proven to powerfully and completely eliminate the long term pain caused by CTS from the vast majority of our patients in record time.

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