Recover and Restore for the New Year – Detox Guidelines

Doesn’t the New Year always bring a sense of renewal to our life? We usually welcome the New Year with many new hopes, plans, and, of course, resolutions. However, one thing we frequently overlook is how much we need to first recover and restore ourselves from the “marathon” of the holiday season so that we can have room to embrace and start a New Year with the best energy possible.

Taking care of patients during and right after the holiday season for more than a dozen years has given me an insight for what we need most at the beginning of the year…RECOVERY. It may sound counter-intuitive since we just had a big holiday break, but please read on…

The holiday season is indeed a 5-week marathon, from the huge preparation for Thanksgiving, holiday shopping frenzy, setting up the Christmas tree and decorations, all the holiday parties to go to, friends and families we visit and those who visit us, arranging alternative care for kids on break, wrapping gifts out of kids’ sight, hiding them all over the house, Christmas Eve gathering, Christmas day celebrations, New Year’s Eve party preparation to the New Year Day blues – the holiday is about to be over…

Wait a minute! We’re not done yet – how about the work you have left unfinished or accumulated before and during the holiday? It is catch up time the first day back to work after the New Year! Oh, how about taking down the Christmas tree and decorations, disposing of the junk accumulated in the house during the holidays, and getting rid of kid’s old toys to make room for the new ones acquired from Christmas?

Recovery and Restoration

With all the above in mind, there clearly is a need for recovery and restoration.

So, rather than quickly plunging into your New Year resolutions and planning, the first 2-3 weeks after New Year’s day are best seen as recovery and restoration time. Focus on spending time to take care of ourselves to get things back on track BEFORE we quickly dive into the New Year and all the resolutions and changes we want to make.


For those of you whose resolutions encompass personal health goals, a detoxification is a great way to jump start your New Year. It will help rid you of the extra weight you may have accumulated during the holidays, and give you the much needed energy and sense of renewal to start your new health regimen. It is like a thorough house cleaning before starting a new season of refurnishing and redecorating.

Types of Detox – One Simple Method

Many of you have heard of detox from many different sources. Here we are introducing the simpliest and easiest of detoxes you can make for yourself. It is a lemon or lime tea cleanse. Just brew up a large quantity of your favorite green tea, add freshly squeezed lime or lemon to it, and add a small amount of maple syrup.

For 1 to 3 days, you take in nothing but this lime/lemon tea throughout the day. Be sure the bathroom is very accessible for you during these days. The heavy urination is part of the process too.

How strong you make the tea is totally up to your personal preference. When it comes to lime/lemon and maple syrup, my recommendation is to make it “sour up to your limit, sweet enough to taste”. So please make it as sour as you can take it, but limit the maple syrup to as low as possible, just enough to taste the sweetness.

It is important not to skip the maple syrup. You can use other sugar to substitute, but do not use artificial sweeteners of any kind, not even stevia. The purpose of the low level of sugar is to keep your blood sugar level even throughout the day. This helps you to not crash during the course since you are not having any other caloric intake throughout the day. Overzealous cutting of the syrup usually results in premature ending of the detox.

For those with hypoglycemic or dysglycemic conditions who may have a hard time stabilizing their blood sugar, it is recommended to do a short cleanse. Hence, we recommend a range of 1-3 days.

After the Detox

After the detox, there are many routes you can follow. You can start out a fresh and clean diet you may have planned, or you can proceed with an intestinal cleanse or liver cleanse if those fit into your health needs.

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