Laurie Weber, ART, LMT

Laurie Weber, ART, LMT 

Laurie was born and raised outside of St. Louis, Missouri. She earned her bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Missouri State University and worked in the creative field until 9/11. Shortly after, she changed careers to pursue her passion for fitness training, coaching athletes to reach their athletic goals and racing Ironman triathlons. Laurie said, “At this time, there really was nothing better than encouraging someone, guiding them, and then watching them begin to believe their goal was actually possible, and then achieving it! It was life-changing for them, and kept my fire burning.” It was during this time she experienced the positive impact of ART and bodywork had on her personally, as well as the impact on her client’s recovery and staying injury free.

After 15 years in the fitness industry, Laurie realized her passion for massage therapy while undergoing her own personal physical recovery after a back injury. She credits ART, acupuncture, and a variety of bodywork techniques to help her return to an active lifestyle pain free again. This life event challenged and motivated her to discover the world of soft tissue therapeutics to help people recover, keep injuries at bay and relieve the stress of everyday life. This new passion was the driving force behind her switch to the healing and restoration aspect of wellness through massage techniques. “It is a constant learning process sharpening my techniques and assessment skills. It makes my day when someone can move pain free from a precision therapy session, (like with ART, deep tissue and NMT) or has the ‘massage glow’ from total relaxation with circulatory and deep tissue massage” she commented.

Laurie’s previous career experiences in graphic design and fitness training have fused to make her approach to bodywork unique. With multiple modalities, including ART, deep tissue, sports massage, cupping, gua sha, stretching and traction, and neuromuscular therapy (NMT), she uses her creative nature to blend and weave her techniques for the client’s best well-being. Laurie is a full-body certified Active Release Techniques practitioner. She is also pursuing certification in Corrective Exercise through National Academy of Sports Medicine, and Functional Movement Screening under the guidance of Dr. Dawn Liu to provide the most beneficial care possible.

Laurie moved to San Diego via Honolulu, Hawaii, thanks to the US Navy. She and her family love getting into nature, hiking, camping and exploring all that new cities have to offer.

Laurie will be aiding in patient care at our clinic! She’ll also be the first of our practitioners to perform massges, both regular and ART!

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