Guided PEMF

Faster and Better recovery – Discover the power of PEMF + ART!

PEMF: Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field

ART: Active Release Techniques

Announcing our most recent, state-of-the-art PEMF machine, which greatly enhances our Soft Tissue A.R.T. treatment system, and adds a number of other health benefits.

Did you know that every organ in the body produces an electromagnetic field?

Every reaction in the body produces an electro magnetic exchange!

PEMF deal with the impaired chemistry and function of cells to boost overall health by sending beneficial electromagnetic fields to the cells in your body.

Benefits associated with PEMF treatment!

  • Improvement of Arthritic pain
  • Promotion of Cell Regeneration
  • Improvement of Circulation
  • Improved relief of soft tissue pain and injury
  • And so much more…..

Now these are the benefits of PEMF when used ALONE….Imaging when you combine ART and PEMF – you got it, two powerhouse working in SYNC – the results are RAVED by our patients!

Normal PEFM machines provide good effect as a passive modality, and you sit there with the coils around your body area that needs treatment.  The type of treatment enhances the body’s self-repair mechanism, but does not provide any super-precise targeted treatment.

The PEMF machine we use brings a major REVOLUTION to the field of PEMF function – it is the ONLY PEMF Machine that is guided by the doctor, or practitioner, with their hands and fingers to specific areas of the body to enhance the effect beyond normal PEMF means.

We have been successfully combining PEMF and ART treatment for a further enhanced results with faster recovery with much less soreness from the treatment itself.  This has been particularly helpful for problems with neck, low back, shoulder, knee and feet!

Our patients with diagnosis of Adhesive capsulitis (Frozen shoulder) have particularly found good improvement without having to endure the pain / discomfort associated with shoulder capsular work that is a hallmark for treatment of frozen shoulder.

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