Leaky Gut Repair & Liver Detox

Do you know that liver detox and leaky gut repair employ sometimes contradicting methods and food guidelines temporarily, because the two systems work differently?

Are your confused by different expert advices on food?  What is good for you?  vegan? detox? paleo diet? anti- inflammatory diet? Are nuts/seeds good or bad for you?  Is too much meat good or bad? Some of these healthy diets use opposite strategies and have conflicting information – how do you know what to follow? This is one big question that many of us face everyday:  WHICH theory do I SUBSCRIBE TO?

Are you interested in finding out how to best INTEGRATE a good LIVER DETOX and a successful GUT REPAIR, to allow you stabilize the WEIGHT you lost, the TOXIN you removed, and possibly shed more weight slowly and long-termly?  How about feeling great and having MORE ENERGY daily!

If you missed our Function Medicine / Nutrition Expert Jim Chialtas‘s excellent talk on Liver Detox and Leaky Gut Repair at our 2017 Fall Open House, please stay tuned – excerpts of his presentation will be here soon.