Leaky Gut Repair

What is Leaky gut?

Leaky gut syndrome is a very common problem with our modern life style, with over-consumption of foods and substances that cause inflammation of the intestine, resulting in loosening and opening of the tight junctions between cells of the intestines.

The consequence is that large undigested or partially digested food particles pass directly into the blood stream.

What is the problem with that? Normally our food is digested to very small particles / molecules, like amino acids (from proteins), short peptides made only of a few amino acids; simple sugars (from carbohydrates) like glucose, mannose, fructose; and fatty acids (from fat). Normally Only these small digested particles can pass through the tight junction between the intestinal cells to enter the blood stream, available for the next step utilization (as fuel or as building materials for the cell).

In the situation of Leaky gut, the large undigested or partially digested food particles now get to sneak through the gut wall and get into the blood.  But our defense system would not recognize these particles, and would register them as foreign objects, and we produce antibody to attack them – unnecessary warfare!

Like any warfare, there are always those who get caught in the middle.  Same here! The antibodies can easily cross-react with our own vital organs, tissues, and cells (including intestinal cells) etc., leading to auto-immunity and many other pathology.

This reaction leads to a vicious cycle – more gut inflammation, more leaked large particle, and more antibodies, more pathology!

What kind of symptoms are there for leaky gut victims?

  • Weight gain
  • sluggishness / heavy limbs
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Skin problems
  • Poor Digestion
  • Stomach distension and discomfort
  • Poor Bowel movement (constipation or loose stools, or alternating between the two)
  • Yeast / Fungus infection/overgrowth
  • and many more…….

Can Leaky gut be repaired? Yes! Please watch the video for answers!

If you missed our Function Medicine / Nutrition Expert Jim Chialtas‘s excellent talk on Leaky Gut Repair at our 2017 Fall Open House on Oct 28, this is your last chance!

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