Functional Medicine / Nutrition

Are your familiar with the concept of Functional Medicine / Nutrition? It uses many diagnostic tools of the traditional medicine including blood test, stool tests, imaging, etc.. But the main difference is that it interprets the results in a more functional way, and uses non-pharmaceutical (drug free) approaches to address the problems in an effective and holistic way, by addressing the underlying causes, through integration of the entire human body, organs, and systems in a functional way.

Furthermore, you improvement will also be further examined by post-treatment test results to ensure the problems are thoroughly taken care of, and you will be equipped with new knowledge and newly developed habits to take care of yourself in the long run.

Please see here for a case on how Anxiety / Panic attck was successfully taken care of through Functional Medicine / Nutrition approaches.

If you missed our Function Medicine / Nutrition Expert Jim Chialtas‘s excellent talk on Brain Health and Gluten sensitivity, Thyroid Function, and Blood Sugar / Blood Glucose regulation at our 2017 Spring Open House, here is part of his talk on Blood glucose: IF you are interested in the entire talk, please contact us at 858-481-1438!

Audiences were amazed to find out that our depression, anxiety, or moodiness could be simply due to things that are totally within our own control…Want to find out more about yourself, and how to take care of it?  Please contact us as 858-481-1438!

Ready for more?  Here it is Jim’s presentation at our Summer Open house on Cholesterol that you WILL NOT want to miss! Usually nobody tells you about cholesterol in such as a revealing way so you can make much better decisions yourself!

Good news, we have extended Our Summer Open House LIMITED TIME Special Offer: you are invited to schedule a FREE phone consultation with Jim! Please!  Call 858-481-1438 to take advantage of it!

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