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How to make your New Year Resolution work

Many of us, after all the stress, not being able to work out regularly, and after indulging with all the holiday treats, are very eager to jump start the new year with a very rigorous regimen, either with exercises or a major upgrade of behaviors that held us back in the past; or both, quite frequently.

Did you know that, statistically, the new year resolution has a high casualty rate?
Unfortunately, most of our plans are more hype than a solid, realistic, well-planned, well monitored, well measured, and results oriented approach.
So, here are some suggestions for your New Year Resolution that you can play with to help you get more mileage out of it!
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• Set a series of smaller and realistic goals to reach instead of one big plan.

• Set progressive goals over the course of 4-6 months and each month or two up the game (For example, intensity, frequency, difficulty, etc.) incrementally until you can reach your ultimate goal for the year.

• Only when you are able to carry out the current goal/plan consistently for a minimum of one month, move up to the next goal.

• Be ready to modify your goal/plan throughout based on your personal reality check during the month.

• Remember that revising the plan is not a failure – it indicates maturity on time and effort management, which is a solid ground for success.

• Once the plan is set, do your very best to stick with it as a rule rather than playing by exception each time. Without this discipline, revising the plan becomes an easy excuse to tank the entire new year resolution.

• This is why the plan needs to start small and somewhat easy to allow consistency. If it is too unrealistic, you’d be setting yourself up for failure rather quickly.

For more ideas on New Years Resolutions and/or a New Year Detoxification Plan to jump start your goal, see our next post!

We wish everyone a most joyous and memorable New Year with family and friends.

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