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 January 2018 Newsletter


New Year Detox Program!

Do You Have Shoulder Pain?

PEMF: Supercharge your recovery: PEMF + ART

Dr. Dawn’s Gluten Free Recipe



From The Desk of Dr. Dawn Liu

    Wishes for a lovely New Year from all of us at Action!!! We look forward to serving you when you need us. Today’s thoughts are with you, and with them, come my own thoughts for starting out the New Year…

Doesn’t the New Year always bring a sense of renewal to our life? We usually welcome the New Year with many new hopes, plans, and, of course, resolutions. However, one thing we frequently overlook is how much we need to first recover and restore ourselves from the “marathon” of the holiday season so that we can have room to embrace and start a New Year with the best energy possible.

Taking care of patients during and right after the holiday season for more than a dozen years has given me an insight for what we need most at the beginning of the year…RECOVERY. It may sound counter-intuitive since we just had a big holiday break, but please read on…

The holiday season is indeed a 5-week marathon, from the huge preparation for Thansgiving, holiday shopping frenzy, setting up the Christmas tree and decorations, all the holiday parties to go to, friends and families we visit and those who visit us, arranging alternative care for kids on break, wrapping gifts out of kids’ sight, hiding them all over the house, Christmas Eve gathering, Christmas day celebrations, New Year’s Eve party preparation to the New Year Day blues – the holiday is about to be over…

Wait a minute! We’re not done yet – how about the work you have left unfinished or accumulated before and during the holiday? It is catch up time the first day back to work after the New Year! Oh, how about taking down the Christmas tree and decorations, disposing of the junk accumulated in the house during the holidays, and getting rid of kid’s old toys to make room for the new ones acquired from Christmas?

   Recovery and Restoration

With all the above in mind, there clearly is a need for recovery and restoration.

So, rather than quickly plunging into your New Year resolutions and planning, the first 2-3 weeks after New Year’s day are best seen as recovery and restoration time. Focus on spending time to take care of ourselves to get things back on track BEFORE we quickly dive into the New Year and all the resolutions and changes we want to make.
Recovery and Restoration

With all the above in mind, there clearly is a need for recovery and restoration.

   In order to aid you in your restoration and recovery, we have a special surprise for you in this newsletter! 

    In addition to that surprise, we’re also happy to announce a new update to our PEMF Machine! 

Keep reading to find out more.

Best regards,

Dr. Dawn Liu, Ph.D., D.C., L.Ac.
Dr. Anna Phillips, D.C., M.S.
Laurie Weber, LMT, ART
Jim Chialtas, L.Ac
David Snyder, L.Ac. C. Ht., MNLP
T.J. Ziebell, C. Ht

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    New Year’s Detox Program!
   Jim Chialtas, L.Ac., Functional Medicine / Nutrition expert

    With a new year comes a new focus on our health. This is the time of year people are looking to regain some of their energy and vitality and perhaps shed some of the weight they put on during the holiday season. It is a time to clean up our diets, get more active, and let go of the toxic burdens we might have accumulated in the past year.

Did you know that the holding on of chemicals in our bodies can actually promote weight gain regardless of diet and exercise?

With the constant exposure we receive in this modern day our liver detox system can easily become overwhelmed and sluggish and our bodies have no choice but to store any unwanted compounds in our fatty tissues. In cases like this the body literally can’t lose the weight until that toxic burden is removed. That is the job of the liver.

But where do all these chemicals come from?

Just think for a moment about the artificial sweetener you put in your tea this morning because you are trying to avoid sugar. The take out lid on the tea cup also happens to be made of plastic and with every sip you ingest just a little as the hot tea softens the material. Then off you go to fill your tank and inhale some petroleum fumes while pumping your gas.

Off to the grocery store and you use an antiseptic wipe to clean the cart which is both inhaled and absorbed into your skin. All that and it isn’t even lunch.

So for lunch you decide to eat healthy and grab a salad but the salad container has that layer of plastic to waterproof the box. And the salad dressing is most likely made of non-organic soy bean oil from a crop that was heavily sprayed. And the heat transfer receipt for your salad contains chemicals that rub off onto your fingers and all over your cash that shares your wallet space.

I’ll stop at lunch but I think you get the point. We live in an inherently toxic environment and even those of us who try hard to minimize our exposures can be subject to more toxic burden than we think. Every so often it is wise to reset the system and clean up a bit.

We are offering a three week group liver detoxification program starting 1/24/2018 with the goals of reducing the toxic burden that may be lurking in our bodies. This program involves the step-by-step modification of the diet as well as targeted supplement strategies to help promote detoxification mechanisms in the liver.

As foods are systematically reintroduced at the end of the program you will learn which ones might actually be causing you some concerns. It is common for people to report increased energy and alertness, better sleep, weight loss, healthier skin tone, better digestion, and more on this program.

But beyond that, this program offers each participant an opportunity to refocus on their health and redefine how they want the rest of the year to go. This is a community based experienced with daily online support from both practitioners and participants alike.

SPACE IS LIMITED, and  the registration is closing VERY SOON due to the early start of the program (next Wednesday 01/24/2018).  So get your RSVP’s in, and take the special New Year DISCOUNT if you register by this Saturday, 01/20/2018.

Hurry, time and space is running out!  Call 858-481-1438 today to save your spot and enjoy the great discount!

Be sure to ask our staff about the discount!  But you will have to take action NOW, before it is too late.

If You want to learn more about Liver function and detox, click here!

  Shoulder Pain

Have you stopped doing what you love because of shoulder pain? Do you have debilitating or nagging pain that other methods have not helped?

Our doctors can help you!

Shoulder pain affects a large part of our population and can range from temporary discomfort to serious debilitation.

We have solutions for

  • rotator cuff syndrome
  • decreased range of motion
  • tendonitis or tendosis
  • impingement syndrome
  • arthritis
  • frozen shoulder
  • bursitis

Have you tried everything from stretching, ultrasound, heat, to electrical muscle stimulation without full pain relief and recovery? Are you tired of having treatment forever? Are you missing your favorite sport? Has your Doctor recommended surgery?

Call us for more information @ (858) 481-1438.

Our highly specialized Doctors use a combination of Active Release Techniques with precise biomechanical diagnosis.

Why does this work?

  • It takes your whole body into account
  • It most efficiently identifies and targets the key structure responsible for your problem
  • We treat the root of the problem, not just the surface
  • You get fast recovery from your pain
  • We give you the tools to maintain your recovery

We listen carefully to your situation and symptoms, and will analyze your case individually using our expertise in biomechanical diagnosis and implement a unique treatment plan designed specifically for your symptoms and recovery. You will feel the difference within a short period of time, if not right away!

For more information on Shoulder Pain, please go to our website or call us for a copy of the full “Shoulder Pain” article.

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 PEMF: Supercharge your recovery: PEMF + ART


   Announcing our most recent, state-of-the-art PEMF machine, which greatly enhances our Soft Tissue A.R.T. treatment system, which also ADDs a number of other health benefits. 

    Did you know that every organ in the body produces an electromagnetic field? 

    Every reaction in the body produces an electro magnetic exchange! 

PEMF’s deal with the impaired chemistry and function of cells to boost overall health by sending beneficial electromagnetic fields to the cells in your body. 

Benefits associated with PEMF treatment!

  • Treatment for Arthritis
  • Promotion of Cell Regeneration
  • Improvement of Circulation
  • Improved relief of soft tissue pain and injury
  • And so much more

Now these are the benefits of PEMF when used ALONEa further  results with (faster recovery with much less soreness from the treatment itself).  This has been particularly helpful for problems with neck, low back, shoulder, knee and feet! 


Our patients with diagnosis of Adhesive capsulitis (Frozen shoulder) have particularly found good improvement without having to endure the intense pain / discomfort associated with shoulder capsular work that is a hallmark for ART treatment of frozen shoulder. 


For a limited time ONLY, there will be NO additional charge to experience the benefits of this machine. All you need to do is to call to make a regular appointment, but SPECIFY to our dedicated staff that you would like to try our new PEMF treatment, and we’ll take care of the rest! 


Starting from March 1st, there will be separate charge for adding PEMF to treatment, which will be fully worth it! 


(Disclaimer: The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.) 

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 Recipe By Dr. Dawn Liu

    Surprise! To start off the new year, Dr. Dawn has contributed a recipe this time! 


Now you can use the doctor’s gluten free and grain free recipes to make your own delicious treats!

Juicing Pulp Brownies!

  • Juicing pulp (mostly carrots and beets)          2 to 2 &1/4 cups
  • Mashed medium sized bananas                       2
  • Avocado oil                                                   1/2 cup
  • Sweet potato flour.                                        1/4 cup
  • Cocoa powder.                                               3/4 cup
  • Baking soda.                                                  1/2 tsp
  • Salt.                                                              1/2 tsp
  • Stevia (liquid)                                                1 tsp

Taste the batter to make sure it is sweet enough, and adjust stevia amount accordingly.  Feel free to add xylitol to sweeten it up.

(This recipe was designed to be friendly to Gut Repair program.  If you are not doing it, feel free to add maple syrup or honey to sweeten it up.)

Mix the batter with a blender or a handheld mixer.
Bake at 350 F for 30- 33 min until tooth pick comes out clean.

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